• Make sure that you offer at least a $5.00 U.S. commission. Anything less is not worthwhile to an affiliate trying to make a sale for you, and we will not list it here.
  • Set your product to 'Auto-Approve', if any affiliate wishes to sell it.
  • Use the same registration provider on your website to prevent commission 'leakage'.
  • Do your best to ensure it is a quality application you are submitting for review. Applications will be periodically inspected, and if the application does not meet our quality standards it may be removed.

If you would like to have a better chance of making sales...

  • Please offer a higher dollar commission to affiliates. Software with a higher dollar value (not percentage) is usually given higher priority/listing.
  • Make additional marketing materials available to us (i.e., screenshots, evaluation downloads, etc). You may submit those links to us for review. Specifically, screenshots, boxshots, evaluation downloads are very helpful.


Please note, we will automatically delist, and may permanently ban all products from any vendor who resorts to any type of 'bait' and 'switch' tactic, or any other attempt to prevent an affiliate from getting a commission. Please also note that we will keep a record of any such activities, and may let other affiliates know of any such vendor activities. This includes a vendor doing, but is not limited, to the following:

  • Signing up with a minimum commission of $5.00, then deliberately lowering it to say $1.00 in order to prevent affiliates from getting the commission. You may increase the commission, but not lower it below $5.00.
  • Lists other means of purchasing in their purchase page, to prevent an affiliate from getting a commission.
  • Deliberately changes registration service providers in an attempt to prevent an affiliate from getting a commission. (i.e., from an 'affiliate-friendly' registration provider to an unrelated registration provider). If you need to change service providers, insert code (i.e., a cookie) on your ordering page to determine whether it is an 'affiliate' sale, or set up a special 'landing' page that affiliate related sales go to. If you have any questions, contact us.
  • Deliberately designs any part of the website or software in an attempt to bypass affiliate sales.
  • If a vendor complains about an affiliate getting sales, because it is something 'they' (the vendor) could do and hadn't thought of. For example, within the industry some vendors have complained about affiliates getting sales because they advertised on google, and it hadn't occurred to the vendor to do that. If this is you, do not submit an application. Please remember, that an affiliate only makes a sale when you make a sale. An affiliate is essentially working for you for free, and only gets paid when you get paid, and is basically a commissioned salesman. If however, an affiliate it resorting to an underhanded means of promoting a product, notify us and we will look into it.  

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