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New Additions to this program
  1. You have several sort options for viewing your database.
  2. There are 7 diffrent print options based on how you wish to sort the database.
  3. The program has built in spell checking for the data you enter.
  4. You can backup and restore the database, compact and convert the database.
  5. You can select diffrent search criteria in order to retrive the information you require.
  6. Included is a sample database for evaluating the program. You can find this on the main screen under the Menu Item Database tools.
When using the sample program you may notice that when you do an artist sort there is a lot of blank entries in the lower section of the database. This is because when I first created this program I did not have the artist name included so most of my early entries are missing this. You will not be able to leave the artist name blank in the program. This program will allow you to enter all of your music into a database. The music Can be on CD, Record or Tape.By placing all of your music into this database you will be able to instantly search for a specific song, Album, Or Artist. If you have a CD player with a large caddy you will be able to locate the album or song you wish to play in the database and then move the CD player to that album or song. The best way to use the program with a CD player is to number the Album Id the same as the CD player caddy. Such as the 1st CD in the caddy will be Album Id number 1 the CD in the second slot will be Album Id number 2, continue on like this until all CDs have been added to the program.If you were adding Tapes, Records or leaving the cd's in their cases you would number them in sequence starting with 1 and continuing to the last album. You then enter the items into the database starting with Album Id 1 to the last album.Some of the benefits of using this program are.
  1. You can keep from buying duplicate albums or songs.
  2. You can find out right away if you have a particular song.
  3. You can find out what artist sang a particular song.
  4. Find out if you have a particular song by a certain artist.
  5. Where a song is located in your CD player. What number and what track.

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