Getting set up is easy! It's essentially three easy, simple steps!

Step 1: Getting Set Up:

1. Simply sign up and log into the affiliateLogin center, and create your own user account.
2. Go to the customization section of the affiliate center. Here, you simply choose what affiliate programs you want to participate in, insert any applicable existing affiliate IDs, and then the software products you wish to include.

Step 2: Marketing And Successful Sales


Custom Build Software

Now, you simply download a 'custom' build software finder software. Users using this can use the extensive search capabilities to find exactly the type of software they need. Each purchase has a commission associated with it! Software links are automatically embedded with your affiliate ID. You can now market this software alongside any software or services that you have on your own websites, to generate additional revenue.

Some of the Immediate Great Benefits!

  • Users always use your branded version of the software when searching for software, so you are ensured of getting sales!
  • Furthermore, you don't have to compete with other download sites that simply spam the search engines!

Download Site Software

Furthermore, you can also download 'site builder' software, which will automatically create an entire software download site in minutes, complete with product descriptions and more!

Some of the Immediate Great Benefits!

  • It's Fast and Easy! You don't have to worry about finding products, adding products, creating a site, or anything like that! The software does it for you! All you need is a webpage, and to start advertising!
  • Search engines love sites with content! What better way than with a complete software directory! Now you have a content rich site with software descriptions!

Step 3: Commissions (How you make money! :)):

1. We only accept vendors that offer a commission of $5.00 or more. We are amazed that some vendors actually only offer much less (in fact, some only offer fifty cents a sale!), especially as affiliates do a lot of work. A vendor only gets paid if an affiliate makes a sale, so that is why we've set this minimum. So as soon as a sale is made, there is at least a $5.00 commission. If it is less, let us know and we will either drop the vendor, or get them to change it back.
2. Assuming every purchase click results in a sale, you automatically get 50% of any commissions generated. So if $1,000 was generated in commissions this way, you automatically get $500.
3. Again, assuming every click on a purchase link resulted in a sale, you automatically get an additional 20% of any commissions generated from people you refer to this program. The software program, the download site, etc are all embedded with your affiliate name. So you automatically get credit when the sign up. So this means, that if an additional 5 people signed up from your lead, and each generated $1,000 in commissions this way, then you would get an additional $1,000!

Following is a diagram to help illustrate how it works:

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