There are many ways of promoting this software, which is great! :) Please note that we discourage spamming, and read the information in the unacceptable means of advertising section.

Several Acceptable Means of Advertising:

  • Newsletters. You may include advertisements for your site within opt-in lists (i.e., whereby subscribers explicitly sign up to receive information). You should list your site within the newsletter.

  • Newsgroup or Forum Postings "Passive" advertising -- This is acceptable. Passive advertising is for example, when you include your website listed as part of a signature in a newsgroup posting. Please make sure the post is on topic though (i.e., you may not simply spam a newsgroup with irrelevant content)

  • Newsgroup or Forum Postings with "Active" advertising -- This is acceptable providing the posting is 'on topic'. For example, if you posted a topic about visiting your software directory within a 'cat lovers forum', that is off-topic and would not be acceptable. If however, there was some cat related software within your software directory (say a cat screensaver), and you were responding to someone who was looking for a cat screensaver, then that would be 'on-topic', and would be acceptable.

  • You may use other legitimate means of advertising, such as banner advertising, paid clicks, other forms of media, etc, providing it relates to your site only. If you wish to use the FinditFastGold name or site, please contact us first 

Several Unacceptable Means of Advertising:

  • This should be pretty straightforward (as most everyone nowadays has an idea of what constitutes spam). Basically, this generally means sending mass amounts of unsolicited e-mail to users. (Or more recently, sending massive numbers of automated irrelevant posts to newsgroups). Both of these methods are unacceptable. There may be other methods of spamming, and if you think it might be spam, contact us and we'll let you know. (If we need to, we would probably then also update this page accordingly).

Please note, if it comes to our attention that you are using an unacceptable means of advertising, then your account may be terminated without notice. Again, if you have a question about whether something is acceptable or not, then ask us first, and we'll let you know.

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