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I am using the device 3530 and i am fancig the same problem. My application is not able to communicate with my server. for making Http Connecdtion i use the following properties.conn.setRequestProperty( User-Agent , Profile/MIDP-1.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.0 );conn.setRequestProperty( Content-Language , en-US );conn.setRequestProperty( Content-Type , application/binary );conn.setRequestProperty( Accept , application/binary );conn.setRequestProperty( Connection , close );conn.setRequestMethod(HttpConnection.POST);conn.setRequestProperty( Content-Length , Integer.toString(data.length));but i am not able to access the server to which i am pointing.Thre response code give me the HTTP_BAD_GATEWAY : error code 502. what it means and how it can be solved? can you give me the solution for that.??
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3D Line Graph Software Servlet - Source Code Description...

2D / 3D Line Graph provides both a client and server side solution for the incorporation of line graphs into web pages. It provides versatile components so that web authors and Java developers can easily build and publish dynamic and interactive line graphs.
With many configurable features and functions to both applet and servlet, the documentation and examples are designed to give both a full understanding of every feature and enable you to implement both the applet and servlet quickly and easily.
With a free trial and Money Back guarantee, try it out today.

Source Code License
For most implementations the source code is not generally necessary, however for those who wish to customize the functionality, incorporate into a larger java application or simply out of interest we offer the software package complete with all source code documented.
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