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Roleplaying Assistant Description...

An RPG utility that generates characters for dungeons and dragons, Star Wars and Cyberpunk role-playing games. RPA can also generate names, spell books, and equipmentas well as function as a dice roller to build character attributes. RPA uses a database engine that can generate and store a large variety of PCs, spells races, classes and more! RPA can also import the Net Spell Book of over 2200 spells with descriptions. You can generate a complete party of NPCs in less than 5 minutes. All character attributes are covered for generation, including races, classes, characteristics, equipment sheets, thief abilities and more. The character sheet even includes a graphic bitmap image of your PC that can be printed in its entirety. RPA is the most comprehensive generator and database that covers every aspect of building a player character and is certainly an invaluable asset for anyone who enjoys RP gaming.There is NO retail box version of this software. Electronic distribution only. See for details
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