HAdQPyPnKxrYvBOCsH, Reviewed by TABETAGA on 07/19/2012
Im a novice and do my own seo and even that aswenr does not cut it for me. For tghe past 3 months i have studied a site i work on. The webmaster tools tells me i have had 100 results for a generic term that i never! ranked organically for. I can only put it down to the geo search on the users that search displaying the site in the google places maps that list in the serps. And also that webmaster chuggs out lots of inacurate information. Want good advice?? look at analytics not webmaster keywor
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Super Columns comes from the idea of Tetris. The three-block column is created one by one randomly, and you have to place each carefully in order to form a horizontal line, vertical line, left diagonal line (/) or right diagonal line () and then the lin
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