jKUhrpnMFfytzZ, Reviewed by Myguell on 07/18/2012
Sweet! I miss my old Mac 512k. Actually, I suspect it still works and is no doubt geniarhtg dust in my parent's basement. Perhaps I should check in on it. I doubt I will ever do what you have done, but somehow it is comforting knowing I could.I always knew these old Macs would never die. We had an old Mac Plus in a basement lab at an undisclosed Ivy League university in Southern Connecticut. There was a very hot fire in the lab. The old Kensington top mount fan melted and became one with the top of the Mac Plus. The top of the unit's case sagged a bit. The machine booted just fine, though the picture at the top of the screen was a bit distorted. Sadly, I don't have any digital photos of that immortal Mac Plus to post here and I no longer work at that institution, so I don't know what they did with it.
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