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KidSplorer Web Browser Description...

KidSplorer web browser offers protection for children by allowing them to browse only a listed set of sites that have been valued as being child worthy.
This web browser has been designed specifically for the use of children and it allows parents the ultimate level of control over the content viewable in the browser. KidSplorer works from a list of sites that are proper for viewing for children of all ages. Parent can add or remove web sites from this list at their own discretion. It also allows you to control the amount of time that your child spends on the computer. In general, KidSplorer offers you a great amount of protection as well as control over computer usage.
Program features:
- Set KidSplorer as your childs default internet web browser.
- Add remove web sites from your kid safe web site list.
- Allow access to all the pages on a web site or just one page.
- Prevent access to the Start button, Task Manager, Taskbar, Desktop icons.
- Regulate the amount of time spent on the computer.
- Customize the browser to match the browsing habits of your child.
The intuitive interface makes the program very easy for a toddler, child, parent, guardian or adult to use. Finally!, parents have the web browser to provide a safe and unsupervised internet environment.
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