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FlashTask Description...

  1. You've already written many articles, collected many photos and animation files and restored them in your hard disc. It takes lots of time to find them and use them. FlashTask solves the problem so easily. It helps you find your files and application programes in a second. You just simply drag the files and application programes which you intend to use into FlashTask before hand.
  2. For example: you need to launch Photoshop to edit your photos while you are using Word. Thus you have to find Photoshop directory from Start Menu and you may not find it if it dose not exist in Start Menu. But you can just use Shift+Space to launch FlashTask and type P(the first letter of Photoshop) to quickly launch Photoshop(if you've already added Photoshop into FlashTask). Same easy step when you need to use other application programes.
  3. Sometimes you need to use Wondows Explorer to open some directories very often, copy files or just open files. But you can just use Shift+Space to launch FlashTask and type the first letter of the file name to quickly find it.
  4. You've collected lots of web sites in your favorutes, and it also takes time to manage them when you've got lots of them. But you can just use FlashTask to help you make your own collection. Thus your collection won't be modified or deleted by others because FlashTask is a multi-User software. Your family member and your firends can have different setup and collections.
  5. When you are busy on your computer and you need to send emails to your family, firends and collegues you can FlashTask's QuickMail to send your emails in a second.
  6. When you need to use different programes you will have to open them one by one. But with FlashTask, you just simply click what you've dragged into FlashTask. FlashTask offers the function for batch task, you can just set it up yourself.
  7. Sometimes you will need make new configurations for your system, you normally use control pannel. You can easily do this directly from FlashTask.
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