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FeaturesUse this tool to manage and track project requests including; change requests, problem reports, software bugs or incidents. You can also define your own request types and each of these can have its own request work flow. Fast Track - Request Management includes PRINCE 2 Support and integrates with MS Visual SourceSafe.Requests have the following attributes:ProjectRequest TypeComponentSeverityPlatformReleaseStatusRequests are progressed by using the Progress command. This command will automatically identify the next state, determine if the request has to be auto assigned to a predefined person and also determine if a mandatory comment is required from the user (auto prompt).You can attach files to a given request and also configure Fast Track - Request Management to send out Email notification to the new assignee.ToolsThe following tools are now available. Not all of these tools are shipped with all versions of CMW.New Request - use this to create a new request.Workflow Request - use this to maintain and progress requests as defined in the request work flow.Simple Request - use this to maintain and progress requests without being constrained by the request work flow.To Do List - adds an icon to the Windows notification area and can be used to view all requests that are assigned to the current user.Fast Track Browser - an explorer type tool that can be used to browse and view requests using pre-defined filters and views.CMW Reporter - developed using crystal reports. Use this to search and filter, export to Excel, Word and PDF. Can be extended to include user reports.CMW Administration - central administration tool for Fast Track and other CMW tools

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