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Missed communications in today's world can result in lost opportunities on a number of fronts. It might be the urgent email saying that your client is ready to place that big order or the spontaneous message from that special someone. MyOneLink allows people on the go, like you, to open their lines of communication by consolidating multiple messaging mediums. Within one mailbox you can receive and respond to messages easily and quickly anytime, anywhere, through any media including the Internet. You will have instantaneous access to all voice mail, email or fax messages. MyOneLink is not just a mailbox but a complexity of converging messaging and telephony that provides reliability and versatility that is cost effective for everyone.The major benefits are the following:1. Send/receive e-mail without size limit
2. Listen to email and reply over the phone
3. Print email to any fax machine
4. Broadcast your voice/fax messages (Compatible with MS Outlook/MS Window Address Book)
5. Fax from any Windows application
6. Monitor your office/home from anywhere
7. Urgent Voicemail/Important Email notifications

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